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Tips On How To Prepare For Your Beach Portrait

Ocean City Beach Portraits1. When picking your clothes, wear solid neutral colors, no wild prints, stripes or plaids (your eyes will tend to look at the clothes, not the subjects). A couple or group should be the same or complimentary in style and color clothing.  Some clothing choices that  look great on the beach are black/jeans, white/khaki, and white/jeans.   Also consider mixing up one or two color themes within the photo  such as the men and boys light blue shirts/Khaki with the women/girls in white/khaki.

2. If at all possible, try to wear long sleeves (people in general donít like how their arms look in a portrait). Also try to wear Capriís or long pants or long skirts or dresses, unless you have really great looking legs and want to show them off (people generally donít like how their legs look in a portrait either). Kids can get away with shorts and short sleeves. Little girls look great in long flowing sundresses and so will their mothers and aunts.

3. Try to wear a neutral toenail polish if any; you will be barefoot on the beach (bright colors really stand out).

4. Please avoid fresh haircuts we find that about one to two weeks post haircut is earliest time you should consider.

5. Avoid using lotion on the skin, as it tends to attract sand and will be difficult to brush off. You will get sandy as most poses you will probably be seated.

6. Wind and breeze on the beach are commonplace. Hair will sometimes not look perfect or lay down straight. We suggest hair products that will keep your hair under control under those conditions.

7. Bring Bug repellant. People swatting flies do not photograph as well as you would think.

8. Makeup should be kept as natural as possible, but do place emphasize on your eyes and lips. Try not to get too sunburned; it's not the greatest look for a portrait. A great tan photographs very warm, but once again, donít over do that either. White strips are great to lighten and whiten teeth. We generally will use a fill in flash to make the eyes and teeth pop.

9. Sunset is my favorite time of day for beach portraits, and the best time to create your beach portrait. We usually try to meet with you about an hour and a half before sunset to make sure everyone is there and weíre ready to go. If you have young children, try to do the best you can working around naptime, and dinnertime for them.

10. Please brink a snack and juice for the kids, water for the adults is OK too.

11. If inclement weather occurs, we will do our best to reschedule your session the next available day if possible. We realize that some families are only in town for one week and we are in a tight time frame.
We therefore suggest booking your portrait session as early in the week as possible so we have options to reschedule if necessary.

We normally take our beach photos in all New Jersey beaches.  We will travel up and down the Jersey shore to take your beach portraits (i.e. Ocean City, Cape May, LBI, Wildwood, Point Pleasant, Margate, Avalon, etc...)

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